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What to wear to a photoshoot

You booked an outdoor photoshoot, you’ve been snooping around in the closet for hours, and you’re still on the high seas? In this article, we will give you valuable advice on which outfit to wear in cases like this. Our work in the tourism and photography industry has allowed us to gain extensive experience on the best compromises to make an unforgettable shooting for both you and our staff.

You will discover how your personal style and the choice of clothes will positively influence your shots, making them unique and exciting.

This is not a strict list of rules to follow to the letter, remember that the password is "have fun".

Don’t be shy, explore the colors: Wear colorful clothes! During an outdoor photoshoot, clothing plays an essential role. We advise you to dare with patterns and bright shades, which will surely give a touch of liveliness to your images. Abandon the idea of classic black dress or neutral colors, and discover how the color mix can enhance the composition of your photographs. Your clothes will become a distinctive element, highlighting your personality and creating unforgettable shots.

Pay attention to reflective clothes: While reflective garments may look attractive, be cautious about wearing them during a photo shoot. In fact they could cause annoying play of light, making it more difficult to capture your authenticity, but most importantly ensuring curses from an angry photographer during the post-production phase.

Accessories: Unleash your creativity! Don’t be afraid to express your personality through accessories! Take with you everything that characterizes you, from sunglasses to hats, through any other distinctive element. These accessories will not only add a unique style to your photos, but will help you feel more confident, thus giving an authentic touch to your shots.

Have fun with a palette: take some time for yourself before the shooting and take a look at your favorite items to match them according to color and style, maybe you could end up creating unexpected and reusable combinations, who knows.

Trust us, check out our website for some inspiration!

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