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The local community needs to know that the place they're traveling in accepts them

Although for us it is obvious, it is necessary and right to express our support, humanly and as professionals in the sector.

For this reason our tours, in addition to ensuring a safe and friendly atmosphere provide for breaks in activities managed by members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

In this way we wish to encourage their entrepreneurial process and, consequently, their participation in the tourism sector.

Our work does not end here, we are a young and dynamic team that hardly remains insensitive to these issues.

Precisely for this reason we always keep informed and we are not afraid to ask help those who already actively contribute to community support.

Pisa79 The first Pride march

It was November 24th, 1979 when from Piazza dei Cavalieri, left what was then considered the first march against violence against homosexuals. In all respects we can say that this was the first Italian Pride, as authorized by the police sponsored by the City of Pisa.

The catalyst was the murder of a gay man in nearby Livorno.

This prompted the Orfeo Circle, born from the impulses of homosexual collectives that were spreading throughout Italy, to organize everything, gathering more than two hundred participants among members of the community, feminist collectives or simple onlookers.

What was the route of the march?

Ancora 1

Keith Haring

His mural Tuttomondo, undisputed protagonist of our shooting in Pisa, represents his last public work before his untimely death.

Surely one of the greatest exponents of graffiti and considered one of the great heirs of Andy Warhol, as well as the artist of unconditional, simple and pure love. One of his peculiarities was the use of "radiant baby" as a tag since his first artistic activity, due to the fact that he considered childhood as the period of maximum free knowledge in human life.

It was when a student invited him to spend a period in Pisa that he had the idea of creating Tuttomondo in just four days with the help of some artisans and students. Even today it preserves a charm that goes beyond the simple beauty, extending to the representation of the union and the removal of social barriers, in a city context that for the time was extremely avant-garde.


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