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What to see in Lucca in just one hour

Welcome to our photo guide on what to see in Lucca in just one hour.

Unfortunately we have to admit, in this article both the tour leader and the photographer will be biased because Lucca is their favorite Tuscan city.

Forget Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, they grew up there, they had fun there and there their hearts will remain.

But back to us:

Piazza San Michele: How to miss the beating heart of Lucca? Let’s not lie, the real nightlife is here in the desert Saturday night Lucca. Perfect for a lunch, an aperitif, or a dinner while you try in vain to catch a glimpse of the legendary diamond on the archangel’s finger on the Church.

Piazzetta del Libro: Halfway between Piazza Napoleone and Piazza San Michele you can not miss this charming and retro outdoor library, trust us and support local businesses, you will not regret (to be honest it is also one of the best ways to be true champions of sustainability: give a new life to the old books and a concrete help to the locals)

The Cathedral of San Martino (Duomo): Absurdly located behind the walls and not in the chaotic city center to allow you to fully enjoy the mixture of green, pink and white marble that make up its asymmetric, but fascinating facade. Take a look at the "Labyrinth" engraved on the pillar attached to the bell tower, where it appears in Latin: "This is the labyrinth built by Cretan Daedalus from which no one who entered could get out except Theseus helped by the thread of Ariadne".

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