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5 Tips to Edit Your Photos for Social

If you’re new to the world of photography or want to add a personal touch to your images, here are five handy tips on how to customize your images for social media.

1. Experiment with slight modifications:

When you’re about to post a photo, don’t hesitate to experiment with the small changes that the social platforms themselves offer. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, or apply a slight sharpness effect to fit your image. Try also to take advantage of the filters offered during the creation of the stories, save the image and then publish it as a post.

2. Customize the atmosphere and colors:

If you have a specific view for the mood of your photos, try adjusting the tones and colors to achieve the desired effect. This will allow you to make the images more in line with your personal aesthetic. Be careful not to exaggerate, an effect too saturated for example would ruin the photo!

3. Create a cohesive set of images:

If you plan to share multiple photos at once, make sure they look consistent. Keep a similar style or shade between photos to create a visually appealing and harmonious series. Then play with the palettes in order to create a color consistency with the other posts on your wall, think about the "logical thread" that you want to follow before publishing.

Private photo shoot in the Lavander Fields
Lavander fields photo shoot

4. Consider the use of selective image filters

Some editing platforms offer the ability to apply selective filters, which allow you to edit specific areas of an image. This can be useful if you want to emphasize or mitigate certain details.

5. Remember the optimal resolution and size for service images:

When you’re ready to share your photos on social media, make sure they fit the size and resolution required by each platform. This will avoid quality problems when loading. Canva offers excellent solutions.

Remember that photography is a subjective art and your personal tastes are important, these are just 5 simple tips to help you edit photos while keeping your touch and share them with pride.

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